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Philadelphia’s Best Dog Walkers, Pet Sitters & Pet Nutrition Boutique

About Walk It Like A Dog

Rich and Snuffy

Walk it Like A Dog is located at 934 E. Moyamensing Ave. in the Queen Village section of Philadelphia. We are a full-service pet store, dog walking and pet sitting service.

Walk It Like A Dog is owned and operated by Rich Miller. While working by day as a senior auditor for a Philadelphia accounting firm, Rich excelled at providing his clients the highest quality internal audit services with a focus on client relationship management.

In 2006, Snuffy (pictured with Rich) entered into Rich's life. As an auditor, Rich endured a rigorous travel schedule and long hours in the office. It was at this time that Rich began using a dog walking and pet sitting service to care for Snuffy. Frustrated by the limited services available, Rich came up with the idea of a business that lived up to his particularly high standards of care.

During this time Rich, began channeling his playful energy into caring for his family and friends’ furry family members, walking and sitting for them whenever possible. By mid 2009, feeling unfulfilled and restless as an auditor, Rich embarked on a new adventure (bad pun intended). Rich founded Walk It Like A Dog.

Rich's love of animals, fun-loving demeanor, high standards and trustworthy nature make a perfect recipe for great care for all the furry friends that use our dog walking services and visit our pet store!

Corinne Austen


Corinne Austen is Walk It Like A Dog's marketing and dog walking manager. Originally from the Massachusetts countryside, she has grown up loving the outdoors and immersing herself in nature. Corinne is a vegetarian and avid animal lover (greyhounds are her favorite). She graduated from Temple University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toggle IconI am interested in using your services. What's the next step?

You can call us at 215-882-2358 or fill out a short online form here. We will call to confirm your requested date and time for a FREE Meet and Greet.

Toggle IconWhat sets you apart from the other pet care businesses in Philadelphia?

To our knowledge, Walk It Like A Dog is the only pet care service that GPS tracks the services we provide. Your walker digitally checks in and checks out of each dog walk or house call by scanning a unique code that can hang on your refrigerator or bulletin board. When your dog walker scans in, you are alerted of their arrival by email. When your dog walker scans out, you will receive a second email telling you how long the service lasted and including a detailed note about your dog’s walk. What truly sets us apart is our technology-enabled guarantee of 100% Accountability.

Toggle IconWhat will you need from me before we can get started?

In order to get started, we require every new client to schedule a FREE Meet and Greet. Following our Meet and Greet, we will require two sets of keys and a copy of your pet’s rabies vaccination record.

Toggle IconHow do I know my keys will be safe?

We randomly assign 4-digit codes to every client’s keys instead of labeling them with identifying marks. Your keys are stored in a lockbox in our pet store when not in use. Our store has an alarm and a video security system. Key codes are only accessible through our secure scheduling system with a valid username and password.

Toggle IconIs Walk It Like A Dog insured and bonded?

YES! Any person entering your home on our behalf is covered by our insurance policy and bond.

Toggle IconIs my dog walked with other dogs?

No. Never. We only walk multiple dogs if they live in the same house. We do not allow any outside socialization. Your dog is never allowed to interact with other dogs or people on the street. Safety first!

Toggle IconWill I have the same walker each visit?

This depends. If you plan on using our dog walking services on a set schedule each week between the hours of 11AM and 3PM, then yes. Your pet will have the same dog walker every visit. However, for our more random schedulers, as well as for morning and evening appointments, your walker will be assigned based on availability. But be assured that we hold all of our walkers to the same high standards of care, compassion, and accountability!


I am a regular shopper and ad hoc user of their dog walking services. I buy my food here, which was recommended to me by Rich, the owner, after a discussion about dry skin and soft stools. The food my dog eats now is also local (bonus) and she loves it and has not had issues since starting to eat it. The store always has a supply of what I am looking for, and prices are reasonable or at least competitive for what other local stores offer as well.

As for the dog walking services, personally, this is where they shine. I'm not a regular 5 day a week walk needed person. I do however travel on short notice or need them for random weekend walks. I have scheduled walks with little to no notice and only once was unable to get a walk scheduled. They are always accommodating and work to find a way to get my dog into their schedule. Their walkers, especially Lucas, are so great, my dog loves them. I also like their walk technology which emails you when the walker arrives and leaves and is done via scanning a code in your house - which makes it very hard or impossible to cheat the system and shows how long your dog was walked and/or with someone.

   Sean and Barley

Literally could not be happier with this company! Rich ( the owner) came himself to meet our dog..he was fitting us in and told us that if his walkers were unavailable he would walk our dog for the time being. I rotate days and nights for my job so for about the last two+ months I was not scheduling. Rich emailed me asking if there was anything wrong with the service. There was not, I informed him of my schedule and he said that was fine, he would see the pup when we were back on days. We have also visited his store and love it. The petcheck technology is great so when I get a moment I can check in and see where my dog walked and the walkers leave little notes for you online. For example: he peed and pooped and we gave him his bone before we put him in his crate! Had a great walk! Bonus: I absolutely love that they walk the dogs by themselves. Every time I see a dog walker with 4 dogs I cringe! I highly recommend this service.

   Melanie and Finn

What an unbelievable service Walkitlikeadog provides. So consistent- I've relied on them last minute and for planned vacations - they never disappoint!!!

   Kendall, Mr T., Duke and Olivia

I don't use their dog walking services, so I cannot comment, but I do shop there for my dog food and treats (and toys occasionally). My one dog has horrible stomach issues and usually cannot stay on the same food for more then three weeks. Rich, the owner, gave me some samples to try, including the Verus fish formula. We've been feeding this food for what seems like forever at this point. It is extremely reasonably priced and they always have what I need in stock.

They carry a variety of foods, but not too many mainstream brands but I love getting the Three Dog Bakery treats for my two and I find their stomachs don't react like they used to to their old treats and food. I also love the variety of high quality toys they carry. I find that they last longer and my dogs love them.

I also like the fact that they are eco-friendly. They email you your receipt which I prefer than paper receipts I just throw away.


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