Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services

We offer single household dog walking, cat sitting and in-your-home overnight pet sitting services. There is no minimum number of services required.  Every service includes a photo at check-in, walking map, and a report card from your pet sitter. Fees are payable weekly. We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.

Dog Walking

20-Minute Dog Walk or Visit


Our 20-minute services is great for dogs who don't need as much outdoor time, and cats that need extra companionship time. We will give your pet fresh water, food, treats (if requested) and LOTS OF LOVE!

30-Minute Dog Walk or Visit


For 30 minutes, we will take your dog for a scenic, one-on-one walk around your Philly neighborhood. Service includes fresh water, food, and treats (if requested). Great for dogs of all ages, inside play time optional.

45-Minute Dog Walk or Visit


Does your dog need a little extra time? A 45 minute walk is great for dogs with lots of energy!

1-Hour Dog Walk or Visit


A one hour dog walk is great for very high energy working breed and mix dogs like pitbulls, labs, shepherds, and poodles. This service is also popular with dog owners who work long hours and or travel frequently.

Pet Sitting

Cat Drop in Visit


This is an un-timed drop-in visit. One of our pet sitters will stop in to check on your cat. Each visit includes food, water, and litter box cleaning. If your cat needs time for cuddles, playing or scratches, check out our 20-minute visit.

Plant Watering


No pets? No Problem! We'll water your plants while you're away too.

Overnight Care


Our overnight pet sitting services is a house sitting service. Your pet sitter arrives in the evening, and takes your pup for a 30 minute walk. They will do a quick outing before bed and stay the night. In the morning, your pet sitter will take your dog for another 30 min walk before leaving for the day. Additional mid-day walks can be requested for an additional fee.

Add-on Services







Plant Watering



Additional Pets

$5 ea.





Last Min Appointment


Late Cancellations

100% of Service Price

*Walk It Like A Dog has a last minute request and late cancellation policy of 15 hours notice. See the Surcharges section above for fee information.