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Tips to Stop Your Dog’s Barking

By Training
Excessive barking can be like nails on a chalkboard for both pet owners and neighbors! To help curb your pups barking, you’ll need identify why your dog feels the need to bark. Are they afraid? Excited? Bored? Hungry? Seeking attention? Are they a barking-prone breed or mix such as a beagle, terrier, or herding dog? To start, make sure your dog has adequate food, water, exercise and attention. Some breeds require more attention or exercise than others. Bored dogs will often attempt to expel their excess energy by barking for long periods. The solution may be as simple as longer daily dog walks, doggie play dates, or a daily session of tug-of-war. Read More

Ever Wonder, Why Dogs Jump?

By Training
Dogs jump due to an instinctual and polite desire to sniff one another’s noses. Dogs can acquire a lot of very interesting information from one sniff of another critter’s nose. Naturally, any dog can assume humans would love the same greeting. However, when Scruffy knocks Grandma Sue over because her breath smells like peanut butter crackers, it can be pretty startling! Read More