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Find a Pet Sitter in Philadelphia

Are you looking for a dog walker or pet sitter in Philadelphia? Handing over the keys to your house and the care of you family can be a stressful experience.   You’re asking them to care for a member of your family who can’t communicate. At Walk It Like a Dog, being accountable to our customers is priority number one.  Even if we’re not the right fit for your family, we want you to find the best people available. Here are some sample questions for pet parents to ask potential dog walkers.

Is your company insured and bonded?

Yes is the answer you’re looking for!  Dog Walking is fun and cute, but working in people’s homes and with their pets has risks. Working with an insured company has a few benefits. First, you know they are accountable at the most basic level. They are paying a large some of money to make sure their customers are protected, at least at a basic level. Second, all animals, even house pets, are unpredictable. While it’s important to make your dog walker aware of any known issues, accidents happen. Insurance is there to protect everyone, pet owners and service providers, from unforeseen events.

Does the same pet sitter walk my dog everyday?

The answer to this will depend on the dog walker or company you hire. Finding the right fit is going to come down to your specific needs. You’ll probably need to decide if it’s more important for you to have the same person all the time, or have the flexibility to schedule as the need arises? At Walk It Like A Dog we provide customers with a consistent dog walker each , but only when you schedule consistently each week. For ad-hock and last min scheduling we don’t promise anything. When you’re interviewing a dog walker, have a clear picture of your lifestyle and your pet’s disposition. Before your meet and greet, try to have a clear picture of what your needs are. A good fit is important for pet owners, pet sitters and the pets we care for!

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Do you walk my dog alone or with other dogs?

Is your dog a social butterfly or do they prefer quality one-on-one time with their human buddies? If you want want you pup waked alone, make sure you tell any potential dog walkers. Some companies, like us, only offer individualized walks while others may offer both.

How do i know someone showed up?

Building trust is important. A few things owners should look for is timeliness and professionalism. To help ensure your services are being completed appropriately, we use a software company called Scout. The apps our pet sitters use provide owners with a photo check-in to let you know your pet sitter has arrived.  When a service is completed we provide clients with a GPS map, a report card and note to let owners know we took care of everything properly. We also send any additional photos of your pets. All communications are send via both email and through the Scout App for Pet Owners. Recently, a lot of companies are using software and going the extra mile to provide convenience and  build trust.

The meet and greet is an important part of hiring a pet sitter. This relationship should be mutually beneficial, and if its not a good fit, it’s best to move on, with no hard feelings. Both parties should want the same thing, whats best for our animals! Hopefully these question help you start thinking about how to get the best pet sitter for you family.

Rich Miller