Health and Safety

Dog Toys
May 25, 2016 0

Dog Toys and Enrichment

The Importance of Dog Toys: Just like children, dogs need toys to entertain themselves! Toys stimulate their ...


wade's cat trees
November 29, 2012 0

Wade’s Cat Trees Reviewed

Wade’s Cat Trees In my last blog post I promised you Cat Lovers out there a review of Wade’s Cat ...

Fun Stuff

November 6, 2012 0

All The Presidents’ Pets

Presidential Pets Being that it is Presidents Day, I thought it would be fun to write about Presidential ...


woman walking with dog
September 27, 2016 0

Why Pro Dog Walkers Don’t Recommend “Choke” Dog Collars

Alternatives to Choke and Prong Type Dog Collars As a company we do not encourage people to use choke and ...


November 1, 2012 0

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato….A great source of fiber

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato….A great source of fiber Earlier this week I wrote an article about pets’ ...


Dog Crates
August 24, 2015 0

Professional Dog Walkers’ Guide to Crates

Professional Dog Walkers’ Guide Crates are a great way to give your dog(s) a space of their own, ...


Schuylkill River Dog Park
December 8, 2015 0

Philly Dog Park Guide

Dog Parks are a wonderful way for you and your dog to go somewhere exciting! They provide a safe space for ...
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